The Owners

Combine Kent’s extensive seafood and culinary background with Pam’s event planning expertise, and you’ll quickly realize why Snapper Grabbers is the preferred choice when shopping for fresh seafood, the highest quality meats, or for a casual lunch in a welcoming setting.

Pam & Kent

Owner, Kent Scott grew up in the seafood industry. In fact, his family owned the oldest seafood market in Birmingham. Kent began working with his father at the River Fish Market when he was only 14 years old and then took over the business when his father retired in 1993. He sold the business in 2005 and missed it so much that he decided to purchase Snapper Grabbers when the opportunity presented itself. Kent is passionate about seafood and how’s it prepared and loves to share recipes with his customers. He also has a Culinary Arts degree so he definitely knows his way around the kitchen!


Co-Owner, Pam Scott has worked as a professional Event Planner for more than 16 years. She was employed by Southern Progress Corporation for 10 years as Director of Events for Southern Living At HOME and then by Willow House, Inc ( after they acquired Southern Living at Home) for 3 years. She also worked as the Event Manager for the Birmingham Business Journal for one year. Pam loves to cook,throw a party and enjoys nothing more than making things look beautiful and feel special.

OUR MISSION: To help our customers live healthier, happier lives by providing the freshest, most flavorful seafood and meat available.